Tracy Grimshaw: “If Tony Abbot was the prime minister that wouldn’t be good either, for you?”

Julian Assange: “That wouldn’t be good for anyone I think.”

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every time you think your life is crap just imagine a tree that took 20 years to grow to end up being a Justin Bieber notebook 

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I always think he looks very nice in the dress in the front row. 

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Oh my gosh when she’s driving through those suburbs and pointing out that there is at least one fire arm in every home, holy fuck I felt so uncomfortable, just watching it. /:

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why do people think you either have to shave your legs or not shave your legs

like i feel good that most rational people are on board with the fact that some girls choose to shave their legs and some choose not to

but there’s still too many people that don’t comprehend the concept that SOMETIMES i want to shave my legs and SOMETIMES i don’t

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sssssssssssssssssssssss —a snake lol idk (via yongmuney)
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advantages of being a boy:

  • your boobs don’t get in the way
  • no period
  • your hormones don’t make you feel like a different person every week
  • no childbirth
  • penises are fun
  • shirts always fit over your chest 
  • you can walk around topless in summer without being arrested for it
  • you store less fat

advantages of being a girl:

  • can use your bra as an extra pocket

That’s literally our only perk besides multiple orgasms

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getting zero notes on a post is like speaking up in a large classroom and everyone just staring at you so you slowly sink back in your seat and regret saying anything

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